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'Love Is Love:' Chile Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage in Historic Vote

Het homohuwelijk is een huwelijk tussen twee personen van hetzelfde geslacht. Oorspronkelijk was het burgerlijk huwelijk formeel enkel mogelijk tussen twee personen van verschillend geslacht. Dit recht was geënt op de Napoleonistische Code civil des Français, een Burgerlijk wetboek dat vorm gaf aan relaties, en vaak door religie opgelegde tradities bestendigde. 14 May: The Justice's National Council of Brazil legalizes same-sex marriage in the entire country by a 14–1 vote, making Brazil the third country in South America, after Argentina and Uruguay, and fifteenth in the world to legalize same-sex marriage nationwide. The same-sex marriage was already legal in 12 states and the Federal District. Le mariage entre personnes de même sexe, couramment appelé mariage homosexuel, est la possibilité pour un couple de deux femmes ou de deux hommes de contracter un mariage, civil ou religieux.. Alors qu'on trouve des exemples de tels mariages dans certaines civilisations dans l’Antiquité, du XIX e siècle jusqu'à la fin du XX e siècle l’homosexualité a été considérée comme un ... Get the latest international news and world events from Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and more. See world news photos and videos at ABCNews.com Latest news from around the globe, including the nuclear arms race, migration, North Korea, Brexit and more. The availability of legally recognized same-sex marriage in the United States expanded from one state in 2004 to all fifty states in 2015 through various court rulings, state legislation, and direct popular votes. States each have separate marriage laws, which must adhere to rulings by the Supreme Court of the United States that recognize marriage as a fundamental right guaranteed by both the ... The 6-3 ruling in Lawrence nullified laws in states like Texas, Missouri, and Oklahoma outlawing same-sex intercourse, thereby legalizing gay sex in all 50 states. (As of 2014, 12 states still had not wiped their unconstitutional sodomy bans from the books, however.) Get the latest news and analysis in the stock market today, including national and world stock market news, business news, financial news and more Get the latest health news, diet & fitness information, medical research, health care trends and health issues that affect you and your family on ABCNews.com The legislature approved 29 projects – spending $22.9 million of federal money – to upgrade ancient water systems for small municipalities and rural parishes around the state, including those ...

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2021.12.07 15:02 doom_stein There's a new Grunt Birthday Party mod called Sweaty Confetti!

I don't know how to add an image to my post so I'll add it as a comment below!
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2021.12.07 15:02 WriterReformed A4A The Arkham Series, writing partners wanted.

Greetings all, my name is lewis and I can play as both females and males - however primarily for this roleplay I would like to play Batman in any and all prompts we come up with, they can be dirty, clean, action filled, romance - etc.
We can keep this in the Arkham series or we can decide to take it further into the DC line and introduce others, I’m happy with doing straight, bisexual or gay ships with Batman (despite DC confirming he is straight) and honestly I’m down for whatever prompts you have!
However because I want to give back to you and not let you think I’m being lazy, below this quick explanation to what I can offer is going to be a list of prompts, semi detailed. Enjoy!
My names lewis. I’m 19 I’m a big fan of many fandoms, including but not limited to DC. I’m a cool gamer Chad (Jokes aside i am a ‘gamer’ and do enjoy it as a hobby.) We all have life’s and i’m happy to be patient, I’ve waited months for replies as some of my previous partners have had IRL issues. I’m literate, detailed, active, always open to find new roleplay partners & friends out side of the writing. I guarantee one literate & detailed reply/post a day (unless something extreme irl comes up) and even then I’ll match you for the replys/posts I missed. And finally.. I have autism and I’m chill as fuck^ (tho tell me if I get ‘annoying’ etc).
Prompt time!
BatCat (MxF) : Batman x Cat woman - this prompt would follow the tale of the best relationship Batman has ever had.. cough, cough. Anyway we could go many different ways - have them meet for the first time! Perhaps they’re already a couple, maybe they’re relationship isn’t what they’d imagine it - we can go ALOT of ways with this one.
BatQuinn (MxF) : Batman x Harley Quinn - Batman and Jokers victim, how more dynamic can you get? Despite all that she done, Batman can see how the joker had manipulated a bright young woman into being his personal toy and henchman - no more, Batman in this prompt can be trying to rehabilitate her, perhaps make Harley his new sidekick or even if you want, they can be having a sort of affair back when she was still jokers slave.. anyway, I’m happy to do a lot with this prompt!
BatProphet (MxF) : Batman x Barbra Gordon - this one is simple, yet also it’s not: we can do this roleplay based either when Batman and Barbra Gordon are partners Aka Batman and batgirl. Or we can do this when it’s Batman & oracle, having a relationship based through trust and communication, oracle being Batman’s wing woman of sorts: honestly I’m happy to go wherever my partner wants with this.
BatGhoul (MxF): Batman x Talia al Ghul - pretty self explanatory, a relationship involving Batman that can almost rival Batcats. However depending on where it’s set, this can potentially be toxic or tragic - or both. In the Arkham series it’s quite tragic, yet in actual DC (for example that one Batman movie) toxic as he was drugged to make Damian. Anyway, I’m happy to take it either way because it can make for a compelling and good story.
The dark knights journey (MxGM) : In this prompt it’s pretty simple, you would be GMING the story as I write as Batman, this prompt isn’t gonna be popular with most of you and I understand that - it’s why it’s at the bottom and I’m not trying to force it upon anyone of you - however it is here if you’d like to perhaps try it out. It’s a prompt that leaves a lot of options open for us to have and explore! (I promise I am worth it).
(I’m happy to take any other suggestions! I’ll also be adding more with time - any suggestions would be appreciated!)
If you’ve read so far, add a 🦇 emoji to your message or the sentence ‘I am the night, I am Batman’ to your intro message because it’s the password. If you add both then I’m more then happy to give you what you desire! (Within reason) - see you soon I hope!
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2021.12.07 15:02 Substantial-Block407 Remote workers of this sub, do you own shares of company you work for?

So I have an HR meeting with an offshore company in a few days. One of the benefits of the jobs is I get company shares and yearly bonus shares as well. This is the first time I’m working for a foreign company and as far as I know, a Nepali person residing in Nepal cannot legally own shares of a foreign company. So for those who have faced this, how are you handling it?
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How it feels to be a DRK player in EW
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