How to use the semicolon in IELTS academic writing tasks 1

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2021.12.07 16:01 Maverick_ESL How to use the semicolon in IELTS academic writing tasks 1

Take a look at the example below:
In the year 1900, France had a population of approximately 40 million people. In 2005, it had a population of a little under 63 million people. In 2020, it had a population of over 65 million people.
Now, we remove unnecessary repetition using semicolons in combination with commas:
In the year 1900, France had a population of approximately 40 million people; in 2005, a little under 63 million; and in 2020, over 65 million.
Visit this page for more punctuation guides.
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2021.12.07 16:01 BinxTheCat0 I’m my thoughts lately…

Lately I’ve been thinking about everything that has been going on in my life. I’ve been reflecting on everything that has happened in the last two years. I’ve lost a lot of friends due to drama, some of it has been caused by me. Granted, a lot of it is because of different thoughts and morals. I actually took a step back after moving into my own place and noticed how truly lonely I am. Yes, I have friends and work friends, but I don’t have anyone close to me. The one person I have close to me is about 4.5 hours away from me and it’s kind of awful because I miss her so much. Regardless of that, in immediate distances, I don’t really have anyone close to me that I can hang out with everyday or see like I used to. This past year I went through 2 sets of roommates and ended friendships with 4-5 people who I thought I was going to spend the rest of my life with. Clearly not. I miss my first set of roommates so much. I miss our dynamic despite the abuse we caused each other. I missed waking up and knowing they were there and feeling safe. I miss playing games with them, being social, eating some of the best comfort food I’ve ever had in my entire life, and enjoying the vibes we had, especially before we got into heated arguments. I miss my second set of roommates only because I miss playing D&D with them and going on adventures. I seriously wish I could fix it, and I know in time it will be, but right now the wounds still feel fresh.
I recently started taking Adderall and Celexa because since I’ve been living alone and having so much stress, anxiety, depression, and consistent talks with myself, I needed to fix myself mentally. I’m only 5 days in and I have flashbacks that I’ve been working through and mental pushes that force me to sort through and think “Do I really need those people in my life?” Or “Am I truly happy right now? If not what do I need to fix?” Those questions dance in the back of my mind like a tap dancer. Every click of the heal branches off into “What ifs”. Every jump branches off to embarrassing thoughts of my past. It’s like a never ending cycle. I do get distracted by video games or movies, but I feel like my thoughts are pressing in and want me to fix everything. At the same time I don’t want to because I’m scared of getting hurt again.
I do know for certain that I should’ve got into my own apartment a year ago. I should’ve just said “Hey, it would be better for me to live by myself. I know it’ll be better for us in the long run.” Then I wouldn’t have ruined my friendships, I wouldn’t have left a position at work that I truly enjoyed, I wouldn’t have looked for someone to fill a void, I would’ve gotten a lot of my priorities straight, and I probably would still hang out with the people I ended friendships with. Now that I’m living alone late in the game, I feel like I’m just lonely. There’s a guy that I’m talking to, but I fear he’s disappointed in me that I didn’t spend a full day with him. I feel awful, but I do want to spend more time with him. I like talking to him and carrying conversations with him. I’m scared that I’m going to lose him as well, even though we’ve only been talking for a month now.
I also keep going back and forth thinking of “The Perfect Boyfriend” that I would love to have. I would jack off to the thoughts of the last person I had sex with just to wish he was with me - which is never going to happen, ever. As much as I want it to, he’s not for me and he doesn’t want me like that nor at all, really. I still miss him. I miss his hugs. I miss the comforting talks we’d have. I miss the feeling of being loved - even if he wasn’t in love with me. I miss hanging out with him. I really miss how much we clicked despite our personal beliefs, our zodiac signs, and the situations we were in. TBH we should’ve never had sex. We should’ve never given that any thought. If it were a different world or life, yes it would’ve worked out. In this world and state we are in, it’s not going to happen. I have to be at peace with that. The same goes for the first guy I ever fully fell in love with. I miss him. I miss his presence. I miss his authority. I miss how he felt and the positive feelings I felt with him. I just remember every time we hugged, it felt like I was being wrapped in a warm fire that swirled in steam and bliss. He, unfortunately, is going down the Jesus rabbit hole and thinks that what we did or how we felt was “against god”. So I get sad about that, wishing he didn’t care and wanted to be with me and be happy.
I’m also realizing the trauma my parents and schools have caused me. Whether it was emotional, religious, mental, or physical… the trauma still sticks to me like a scar. I can’t express how much I wish I could change the past, but that’s what happened. I can’t magically snap my fingers or make a wish that would propel me into a world I should’ve been in. I can’t go back in time with a time machine and beg the universe to make the world better. I have to deal with it and move on.
So… I know it’s going to take a couple of months in therapy and a few more months with my medication to truly understand me and fix myself to love who I am, but again that comes with time regardless of how short it is. I just want to get back to feeling like myself, regardless of the past. Thank you for reading.
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Sad Anime That Will Make You Cry - Sad Anime Recommendations -
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I'm DIY'ing a shotski for a party this weekend and bought round magnets for connecting the shot glasses to the ski. I plan to countersink one set of magnets into the ski and glue / epoxy the mating magnets to the bottoms of the shot glasses. However, the magnets are very strong and I'm a little concerned that when the magnets "grab", it might be pretty forceful and potentially shatter the glasses.
So I'm looking for some sort of twist-in surface mount where I could connect the main mount to the ski and the mating piece that twists / clicks in to the bottom of the shot glasses. I'm aware that there are "official" kits you can get with brackets / mechanisms specifically made for this but none of them will arrive in time for this weekend so I'm hoping there is some sort of hardware available that I can just grab from the local Home Depot or wherever that will accomplish the same thing.
Any ideas? I've tried Googling things like "twist in surface mount" etc. but have only managed to find brackets for things like lightbulbs.
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hello I have dowload the new uptade but now I can't found a match and I got a error notification. I wanted to know if it just me or if other people are in that situation too ?
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2021.12.07 16:00 Firec0in I got rejected to prom and I'm frustrated with the situation

Some context: I am a quiet person, so I have a little trouble with maintaining friendships, because I am afraid that they will stop liking me. Apart from this, I believe that I am pretty handsome and that there are quite a few girls who like me
There's this girl in my class who is a protagonist of the story, let's call her Alice (that's not her actual name). We didn't talk much at first, but we got closer. We talked often and joked around, for example we teased each other and I pretended to be very hurt as a joke. She knew that I pretended, and she still played along and teased. We used the same train home, so I sometimes went home with her. To be honest, I thought that she had a crush on me, but I didn't feel that way towards her. She's nice and everyhing but I am looking for something else. I think that we were friends.
We are in 11th grade, so we will have our prom next year. This means that I have to get a partner to dance with me, and I thought that Alice would be great because we get along really well and she's taller than the others. I asked her, and she told me that she plans to go with her boyfriend, but since he doesn't go to our school, she has to talk about this with the head-teacher, but if he can't come, then she will dance with me. (I knew about her boyfriend, but it didn't bother me. I wanted to go as only friends.) I said okay. I had second thoughts later that day, so the next day, I told her that since shes will probably go with her BF, I should find someone else. (I made very sure to use words which would not hurt her, and to not make it look like a rejection). Alice said that since her BF doesn't come to our school, we can dance. I asked, "So we are going to dance then?" and she replied with yes. This happened somewhere between September and October.
We skip a few months, it is just before December. The prom of the 12th grade is here, and I was forced to perform a dance (a Renaissance dance!) with other people from our grade. I dance with a girl who seems to really like me, but I don't feel that way towards her. She will appear in the story later. Let's call her Stephanie.
Apart from the dance, we have a few other tasks, for example we lead the classes to their seats and others. While we do these tasks during the prom, I notice Alice with her other friends, waving happily to me in the crowd and I waved to them. One of them will be more important, let's call her Christine.
After the prom, there was the after party, which is intended for the 12th grade, but they invited the 11th grade as well. I decided to go with Alice, her friends (including Christine), and a loser guy who said that he would show the way, but was actually useless. He used to be my best friend, but he got too clingy and annoying. The loser guy was rude towards me (like usually, when he isn't kind suddenly), and on top of that, Alice's tease wasn't as funny now. I had bad thoughts during the trip, but that's not the point of the story. We eat at McDonald's, a cute girl joins us and we get in front of the club.
The others decide that they drink before going in. I resist, but eventually give in. The loser guy gives me his cup, so I could drink some vodka. Yeah, sometimes he's really rude, but sometimes he's kind. Let's give him the name Jeff! Most of us are drunk, I laugh at literally trees. Even if everyone has a lot of fun, Alice says that my giggle scary (but in a mischievious way), and her, Jeff and the others forbid me from drinking again. I still got more. A stranger girl also gave me some wine, but that wasn't as tasty.
Luckily, I get sober in no time. I get cold, and the trees stop being funny. We get in, and we go our ways. I go to other classmates, but I lose the others. We drink, dance, sometimes Jeff invites me out but I go back. On the way there, I see Alice and her boyfriend. They had an argument before, but the alcohol probably made the problem disappear.
Finally, Jeff brings me out for a valid reason. Christine drank a lot, so by some reason, they decided to get me, but since I like Christine, I stay with her. The others around her depart. She only asks me to be there and to say something to her. I talk about my personal issues, and even if she probably doesn't remember it, it was still nice. Later, she puts her head on my shoulders, but she doesn't fully rest it. Other people go help her and my mother really insisted me to come home, so I went home.
The next day, Monday, no one comes to school. I message Christine if she's okay, she says that she's okay and that she thanks everything.
The next day, I sometimes talk to Alice, but it doesn't turn into actual conversation. And then, tragedy comes. On one of the lessons, our head-teachers asks the guys that who is going to be their partner for prom. Everyone says their partner, except Jeff, who doesn't have one. My turn. I say Alice. She says "I didn't say yes yet!" and I reply: "But we discussed this...". I felt terrible after this. If she changed her mind, she could have said it any time, but no, she decided that she wants to embarrass me in front of the whole class! I couldn't look at her after that. I felt vulnerable, especially in front of her.
However... after the rejection, since I was hopeless, I quickly went to Christine, and asked her if she would dance with me. She said "Let's talk about this later". I don't think that Alice heard.
It is Wednesday, and I don't talk with Alice, but with Christine and the others, we interact as if nothing happened. The only thing that stands out that... in the corner of my eyes, it looks like Alice often looks at me. She didn't do that before. I must assure you that I wasn't staring at her, I'm not the type of guy to stare at you with an angry expression after something like this. In the afternoon, when I went to eat lunch, I meet Stephanie. We have a nice chat, but during our conversation, it seems as if Alice appeared, and she's talking to a guy, probably her BF. She often looks at me. Back to Stephanie, she says that we were great during the Renaissance dance, and that we could dance at our prom. I say that that's a great idea, but unfrotunately I still talk with my partner about the dance. I made sure not to make it sound like a rejection, but I would rather dance with Christine. Or her twin sister. Or her other friend. I am really desperate, am I? After that, I eat lunch with Stephanie, and we part ways. At home, I think about talking with Alice about the situation. Ask her the reason for rejecting me, or telling her that I'm not sure if we can still be friends after this.
On Thursday, nothing new happens, but she does seem to look at me more. At home, when the class' groupchat is active, someone jokes about the rejection. Alice texts that they should stop. I just got better, and someone just kicked me with this. I didn't want to talk with Alice anymore. I didn't even want to go t prom anymore.
On Friday, still nothing happens, but our last lesson is dismissed, so we can go home. I would usually go with Alice and the others, but since I didn't want to meet her, I went to a different carriage. I went with a friend circle, but Alice and another classmate had stopped at a fence, petting a dog. The others also stop, but I go. I almost run. I couldn't go in front of Alice to the train station, so I just went ahead.
On the weekend, nothing happened.
On Monday, quite a lot of us didn't attend classes, because they were Santa Claus and the crampuses (my country's tradition). We made a group photo, there wasn't enough space for us, and I went in the front. Someone asked Alice if she wanted to go to the front, and she said "NO!". So I wonder, does she feel guilt? Does she think I'm disgusting? I dunno anymore.
And today, I heard Alice talk with her friends (Christine included), and me and the dance were mentioned. Girls talk about everything, but what could they think about the situation? They probably see it in her perspective.
Before these events, I had a lot of confidence, but now, it's gone. I feel a lot better now though, but I just simply can't forget this. I thought I could trust her, and that she would tell me if she didn't want to dance anymore, but she would rather wait until I embarrass myself in front of the whole class. And now, I feel like we are total strangers.
I must remind you that I am not romantically attracted to her. I just simply can't understand her intentions. I usually observe other people, so I can act appropriately depending on their feelings. But now, I have no idea what she wants, or how she feels.
What do you think? What does she think? Do you have any advice?
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My PC randomly crashes when I stream and play games, screen turns black and I have to manually turn it off. Only thing I can think of causing this is a bad RAM stick. So my question now is: I have 4 x 8 GB RAM, if only one is faulty, can I test/use just 3 of them, or do i need to remove 2 of them so I have 16 GB instead of 24 GB?
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2021.12.07 16:00 ohrangei [Discussion] What do u think about this video? Does anybody know these companies, any lists of them? How do you block them? Can't u just tell them to stop tracking (your accounts) ?
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2021.12.07 16:00 555889999 New smart wallet ENS question

I just created a smart wallet and later bonded an ENS.
Does this ENS have other functions other than making my address easy to remember?
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